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Keep the Wipes Out of the Pipes

The so-called "flushable" wipes are creating a big pain in the rear for the wastewater treatment facility. The wipes are gaining popularity due to the disposable and antibacterial qualities they possess as well as their many different uses. While they say "flushable,"  they don't say what happens after they are flushed. The cloth-like material doesn't break down like toilet paper as it courses through the sewer system. The resulting mounds of accumulated wipes can cause massive clogs, damage to pumps, and an increase in maintenance and repair costs. All of these costs have to be passed directly on to our ratepayers. So please help us keep the wipes out of the pipes and never flush "flushable" or "disposable" products, no matter what a label says! The only items you should flush are human waste and toilet paper. Just because something disappears down your toilet doesn't mean it won't cause a problem in your sewer pipe lateral, or further down the line at our wastewater treatment facility. We thank you for your help!