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Budget Billing

Rice Lake Utilities offers a free Budget Payment Plan to all residential customers. Most of us have higher electric bills during the summer and winter months and lower bills in the spring and fall. This program is designed to help you avoid unpredictable utility bills and make balancing your budget a little easier. Participation is simple. Payments must be made on time by the bill due date for the full monthly budget amount. If payments are not made timely, your budget payment plan will terminate.


How is your monthly payment determined? Your monthly budget amount is based on the average of your actual bill charges during the previous 12 months. Once enrolled in the Budget Payment Plan, budget amounts will be reassessed in April and October of each year and adjusted accordingly based on the increase or decrease in your average monthly bills.

To enroll in the Budget Payment Plan, please contact Rice Lake Utilities at 715-234-7004 or at customerservice@ricelakeutilities.com.