Bill Form Update

Changes are coming to your utility bill.

To make it easier to calculate your utility charges, we’re introducing an updated, more detailed bill format.

The new format will be introduced in your July 2020 bill.

Here's an example of the new bill:

Some of the format changes include:

  • A bigger, bolder balance due at the top.
  • Meter multipliers are now included on the bill. This will mostly impact commercial customers. Your usage is calculated like this:

(Current Reading – Previous Reading) x Meter Multiplier = Usage

  • The class of service (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) and the rate schedule now appear on your bill. A normal residential, single-phase, in-town electric meter used to show up as just “Electric.” Now it will show up as “EL-RG-1 Single Res.” RG-1 indicates the rate schedule (please see our rate tariffs for information on the different rate schedules.)
  • Each different service will be bold. Any non-bold items directly underneath make up that service and should add up to the bold service charge.

Note: The PCAC is the Power Cost Adjustment Clause. The PCAC is the month-to-month adjustment in the cost of power due to charges incurred from our wholesale supplier.

  • Service (base) charges and usage charges are now separate line items on your bill. Some services, like water, have different rates depending on how much you use. These are listed as separate usage tiers.
  • Usage charges are calculated for you. In the example above, the customer is charged $2.01 for the first 16,000 gallons of water and $1.85 for the next 1,000 gallons of water.
  • The bold items with dollar signs under “Billing Charges” should add up to the “Current Bill” amount at the bottom.