Rice Lake Solar Array

The Rice Lake solar array is a 4.5 MW-DC photovoltaic solar generation array located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. It features over 11,000 tracking solar panels and will provide on-site renewable energy to cover a portion of the City of Rice Lake's energy consumption for the next 30 years. AEP OnSite Partners built, owns, and operates this solar array.

Facts at a Glance

Project Name: Rice Lake Solar

Project Location: Rice Lake, WI

Status: Operating

Commercial Operation: August 2021

EPC: Interconnection Systems

Owner: AEP OnSite Partners

Operator: AEP OnSite Partners

Customer: The City of Rice Lake

Project Type: Solar PV

MW-DC: 4.51

MW-AC: 3.75

Tracking/Fixed Tilt: Tracking

Panel Count: 11,125

Panel OEM: Trina Solar

Inverter(s): 125kW-AC (x30)

Inverter OEM: Chint Power Systems

PPA: Yes

PPA Length: 30 years

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits?

The solar array provides peak shaving when we need it most (during high loading hours). In addition, there is less stress on the distribution system.

How big is the site?

24 acres

How much did the project cost?

The AEP investment in the project is about $5.5 million, not including the cost of the land that Rice Lake Utilities purchased

Do the panels tilt with the sun?

Yes, the panels tilt with the sun. In addition, they are bifacial, meaning that they can capture reflected sunlight from the ground.

How much does the solar array contribute to Rice Lake Utilities' power supply?

Each utility has to meet state standards for renewables. The current state standard is 12.5% of our total MWH's. The Lakeswind wind facility in Rollag, Minnesota accounts for about 19% of our total power supply and the solar array accounts for about 3% of our total power supply.

How much energy does the solar array produce?

7300 megawatt hours per year

Is this a community solar project?

No, this is not community solar, so there is no buy-in for the customer. It is owned and maintained by AEP OnSite Partners on land owned by Rice Lake Utilities. We just buy the power and enjoy the benefits.

Do trees obstruct the sunlight?

No, trees do not obstruct the sunlight.

Can we add on to this system in the future?

Yes, we may be able to add on to this field and/or have battery storage in the future.